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Data entry services are utilized in every part of our business. We started solely as a data entry service provider, and as our service offerings have grown with technological advancements over the last 25 years, these services continue to add functionality and value to those offerings. 

How? One example involves our imaging and scanning offerings. Our customers that use these services also tend to need their data indexed. Using a name type as a lookup key involves building the index by entering that information. The remittance and other payment processing we do, entails a large amount of data entry on a regular basis.

What forms can be outsourced and why?

All forms that would benefit from outsourced data entry services are transaction based. This means there is contact between two parties – the customer/client/resident/member and the organization. The former adds data and the latter utilizes it, but only after more work is done with the data to optimize it. Some examples are listed below.

Forms for payment processing: remittances/lockbox processing, claim forms, tax collection, fees for goods or services – subscription forms, payment processing for order fulfillment

Marketing & Sales Uses: rewards or loyalty card application forms, contact forms, name & address, client database

Customer Service: customer satisfaction forms/feedback forms, Business Processes/Compliance: compliance forms, human resources forms, student records Eligibility Based: various types of applications that determine eligibility such as claims and loans

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