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Initially Business Intelligence and Analytics seems the same but technically, Analytics is the umbrella term under which BI is an important part. In total, Analytics include:

  • Data Warehousing
  • BI
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Analytic Applications, etc.

Alike BI, Analytics also scrutinize your business’s past and present data to generate richly visualized reports to identify and address the company difficulties. However, the difference is that BI reports work for accelerating the present for current success whereas Analytics analyzes the present to prepare for the future. Analytics program identifies the past business trends considering statistical analysis, data mining, quantitative analysis, and it work as a predictive method to clear up the possible problems in advance.

Business analytics helps you analyze your market, the industry and your competitors having both the aims of recuperating your business’s present performance and predicting future trends.

Following the current trend at Ivan Infotech, we offer customized Business Intelligence and Business Analytics services and also combined service to take your business where you want it to be.